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Helping Businesses Grow and Flourish in Utah

Counseling and representing fledgling, and established, companies

Whether your enterprise needs help litigating business and commercial contests, responding to government agency inquiries, or navigating corporate or general business matters, Huntsman | Lofgran stands ready to be your ally. Our legal team provides vigorous legal defense, assertive prosecution, and proactive, budget-minded counsel to a host of small to mid-size businesses.

Providing enterprises with legal counsel and representation over a wide range of critical matters

At Huntsman | Lofgran, our Salt Lake City lawyers bring experience and creativity to a host of legal issues that challenge businesses, including:

  • New business formation — We help new businesses decide on the structure (e.g., whether a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or corporate is most appropriate) that is optimal given the taxation and risk-exposure considerations they’re facing.
  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts — We provide block-and-tackle legal services, such as the review and drafting of the contracts that govern interactions between management and employees, vendors and clients.
  • Business litigation — We represent your enterprise in such business litigation matters as noncompete agreement violations, Title VII discrimination cases, sexual harassment cases, zoning disputes, commercial lease disputes, and partnership and shareholder disputes.
  • Compliance and government relations — We help you comply with regulatory requirements and represent you before regulatory agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service. We also help communicate your and your industry’s best interests to lawmakers.
  • Commercial litigation — We represent you in prosecuting commercial litigation matters, such as trade secret theft and misuse, negligent misrepresentation, unfair business practices and covenants against competition.
  • Taxation — Our tax attorneys help your company resolve unpaid payroll taxes and back taxes and survive IRS tax audits, liens and levies.
  • Bankruptcy protection — We help you determine if bankruptcy is an appropriate response to your business’s debt and creditors, and if the protection of Chapter 11 is your best bankruptcy alternative.

Our lawyers appreciate the deleterious effects unfettered litigation can have on your budget, and we work with your management and/or your internal counsel to keep court costs in check as much as possible.

Find out why your business has a friend in our Salt Lake City law firm

If you’re a business based in Utah — or you are considering a move into the industrious Beehive State — retain a Utah business law firm that knows state and federal business laws inside out. Call Huntsman | Lofgran at 801.838.8900 or contact us online. Our Salt Lake City office is just two miles east of Route 15 on East Fort Union Boulevard in Midvale.

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