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How Do I Solve My IRS Tax Problems?

Salt Lake City tax attorneys help you resolve issues regarding unfiled taxes, audits and back taxes

Tax problems can get complicated and may seem unsurmountable, but our legal team at Huntsman | Lofgran knows from experience that there always is a way through every tax problem. Our team approach puts our lawyers’ more than 45 years of combined legal experience on your side of the table, providing a greater perspective that can lead to more creative solutions. Your matter always goes to an attorney — it’s never shunted to a paralegal — and our team approach ensures that you can always reach a lawyer regarding your matter whenever you need.

Providing tax solutions

Generally, personal tax problems involve unfiled tax returns, audits or back taxes owed. If you have IRS business tax problems, they likely stem from unpaid 941 (payroll) taxes. However your tax problems can be corrected, and usually more quickly and completely than you might think. The biggest potential obstacle in your path is ignoring your tax problems — that only compounds your debt and frustration.

Let’s say that after your unfiled returns have been prepared and filed and all your audits (if any) are concluded, you still have back taxes that need to be dealt with. After making sure we get to know your circumstances, requirements and goals, our tax attorneys at Huntsman | Lofgran look at three different routes we can take to resolve your tax problem:

  • We always analyze if an Offer in Compromise would be an appropriate solution for your situation. This approach seeks to settle your back taxes for less than you owe. If the submission of an Offer in Compromise makes sense for your situation, this, of course, is our first recommendation.
  • If an Offer in Compromise is not appropriate, we turn to other options, such as applying for Currently Not Collectible Status. This is a two-year period in which penalties and interest still accrue on the balance owed, but the IRS does not pursue any collection activity. Or else we turn to one of a number of different installment-agreement options. These agreements enable you to pay what you owe, but over a period of years.
  • There are other strategies that we can consider along the way if they make sense for your case. These include penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief and filing an appeal if the IRS is refusing to operate under its own rules.

We use these approaches when you are dealing with a wage garnishment or a bank levy. There are other, more radical strategies we can invoke when appropriate. For example, filing for bankruptcy protection can discharge certain tax debts.

Fix the problem before the IRS executes a wage garnishment, bank levy or both

The worst response to Internal Revenue Service and Utah State Tax Commission notices is not responding at all. At Huntsman | Lofgran, our legal team helps you proactively take the bull by the horns. Call us for a free initial consultation at 801.838.8900 or contact us online, and take your first step toward getting your life back.

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