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Howdy sir. When I came to you I was considering moving out of my girlfriend's home, moving to another state and taking another job, and trying to figure out how to fix my IRS disaster. You jumped right in, and got all of my tax returns filed. The balance was a large as you thought it would be (over $100K), but you helped me feel peaceful about the direction we were taking it for resolution. We have filed an Offer in Compromise. We are waiting for the result, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism, and the fact that you give a rip about my situation. I feel like I am in good hands. -James J., Nebraska

I had had a wage garnishment with the state Tax Commission, was facing another, and still had four years of tax returns to do. I owed more than a hundred grand to the IRS, and another boat load to the state, and I had no real way to pay what they wanted, in the time they wanted.

When I told you about it, you outlined the plan, and broke it down into chunks that seemed possible to do. And it worked out just like you said they would. I was able to settle out most of the IRS debt, and I have a payment arrangement with the state that I can do. Thank you for being able to rely on you. I will NEVER do this again. -Randy H.

Mike thank you so much for helping us. After years of wrestling with this ourselves, you were able to settle our back taxes of $29,000 for an amount we could pay and just BE DONE. That is a great feeling. Thank you for your kindness, and that you did not give up until we got to where we needed to be. -Calvin and Elena F.

We actually first went to Wall and Associates for help with our tax problems. BIG MISTAKE. We paid them over $20,000 and they did NOTHING. Then we hired you. You contacted both the IRS and the State Tax Commission. You though have been taking our tax mess and turning it into a plan that is doable. You fought off three IRS levies. It looks like we will be able to keep our business. We sure appreciate all that you have done and are doing. -M. and M.

When I came to you I had over $125,000 in unpaid back taxes. Several of these went back over nine years. It truly felt like I would never dig out from under this. You were a great blessing - when we first talked you immediately outlined a long-term complete plan to get my tax problems under control. The first part involved "out-waiting" the IRS for approximately 9 months so that the oldest taxes would drop off by being too old. You kept the IRS at bay so this could happen and so I could continue to work without an IRS garnishment. The result ended up being only half of what I originally owed. You are wonderful and I would recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone else! Thank you so much! - Debbie O.

Hi Mike - You may not remember this, but when we first came and talked with you, you thought we did not need your services, and simply told us what we needed to do on our own, and how to do it. Not many attorneys will recommend themselves out of work; we were impressed that you were looking for what was best for us. Ultimately, we did come back for other services with you, a part of which included holding the IRS back long enough that almost 75% of our tax liabilities simply went away because they were too old! Thank you so much for helping us with an out of control situation. You were great! - David and Kathy P.

We didn't know what to do - we had so many taxes! We met with you and hired you to talk to the IRS for us. When you were done, our total payroll taxes we had to pay back had been reduced by two-thirds. Thank you for your help! - Long and Ana, TC, LLC

Hello Michael. First of all we want to say THANK YOU for all you have done for us! We had a crushing tax liability of almost $400,000 plus. When we first talked with you the IRS was on the brink of garnishing our wages. You immediately jumped in, and engaged the IRS Agent, and set things up so that we could file an Offer in Compromise. Our situation was not an easy one, a real mess as you well know. You kept going, however, and put together a really strong Offer in Compromise in on our behalf. Almost 4 years later (and two Offers, actually!) you got us a settlement of $135,000 - a bargain compared to what we owed! You rock! Thank you! - Kory and Fran T.

You guys kept at it. It took a long time, but we have a solution, finally, to our tax problem. Thanks for sticking it out so we could get to where we need to be. -Jerry and Velaida

Michael, I just want to say what an incredible help you have been. Since we came to you almost 18 months ago, you and your firm have been a great support to our company. When we first met, we have three different companies all intertangled with each other tax-wise, and a boatload of IRS debt. You met with the IRS officers, untangled the mess, and set an Installment Plan with the IRS based upon our projected income to come over the next year. You kept us open, and have continued to help us stay open. Not only stay open, but also change the way we run our business, especially our taxes. I look forward to a long relationship with you. - Teri

We were having problem after problem with the Utah State Tax Commission. We kept filing and paying, but they simply were not getting it right! You found the disconnect, and helped us get back to the right footing. Thanks for untying what seemed an untieable knot. - Steve and Jennefer, MS&S, Inc.

I don't know what to say. I had a nasty IRS tax debt of over $65,000, and no way to pay it. I had nothing left but my job, my truck, and a couple of 4-wheelers. When we talked I felt really comfortable with you. You answered all my questions and took the time I needed to feel comfortable about moving forward. I really appreciate that - I suspect most lawyers are NOT like that. Anyway, you submitted an Offer in Compromise for me. Eight months later, I had a settlement of $200 dollars total! I seriously could not believe it, I still can't. The freedom I now enjoy, knowing the IRS is settled and DONE is such a relief. Thanks so much, Mike. Absolutely the best and I would most definitely recommend you as a tax attorney to anyone on the planet. - Marlow J.

We were so far behind on our payroll taxes, it wasn't even funny. We were meeting with a particularly cranky lady from the IRS when we hired you. You took charge of the situation and set her back on her heels. When we started, she was threatening shutting down our business and throwing us on the street. When we finished, she was chatting cheerfully with us about how the new plan was going to work nicely. Quite the change of scenery. I would recommend you to everyone I know. Rob, MVD, Inc.

Well hello Michael. We just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all you did for us. You took a $685,000 tax liability (that should not have happened as you know) for two semi-retired folks who had nothing and settled up with the IRS for $8,000. When the IRS wanted to throw our proposal out you just did not give up. And then, you saved the day. What a talent you have. I hope many others come to you for help with taxes - it was truly extraordinary! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Alan and Janet C.

We were recommended to you by our business attorney. We owed so much in business taxes, it wasn't even funny. There was no way we could do what the IRS wanted in a monthly payment. After a long and bruising battle, you outlasted the IRS, and got us a monthly payment plan we could do. Thanks for sticking it through, guys. -Alan, KBPC, Inc.

Michael you are wonderful. What a nightmare the last 3 years have been in dealing with the IRS on our failed business and HUGE tax debt. The IRS just would not see reason, but kept at it until they were forced to see reason. The settlement of what we owed at less than 1/3 of the total amount was just wonderful. I am so glad that is over! We would recommend you to anyone. - Richard and Sara G.

Michael, I am almost done with my degree. You did a great job on my offer to settle. I only had to pay $1,100 of the total $62,000 because of your skill and expertise. You kept the IRS back while I worked on my degree in order to start a new life. Thanks so much for all you did for me. - Ron H.

Remember what I first said to you? "I need new friends." You helped me get all my returns filed from several years back, and you got my $125,000 IRS tax debt settled for $245. I couldn't believe it! $245 - THAT'S IT! You also did a great job at keeping the State Tax Commission off my back for two years while we got the IRS solved. I absolutely recommend you to anyone considering using you for their tax problems. Thank you so much. - Steve L.

I lay bricks for a living. I don't make much, but over several years I had not filed tax returns, and the IRS was chasing me. In fact, they had to garnish my wages before I came to talk to you. You gave me a lot of confidence that my problem could be solved. We talked on two occasions. I brought you my box of tax documents, and you got my returns prepared almost immediately. You got an Offer to Compromise prepared and sent in, and you got my wage garnishment released! That was a big relief, if I don't get paid, I can't feed my family. The $35,000 I owed you got settled for only a few hundred dollars. I still can't believe it. You changed my life, it is so much better now. Thank you. I will tell everyone I know about you and your firm. - Sid M.

Boy, what a mess we were in. You came right in and took charge. You met with us and the IRS, and got the situation under control. We are still in business to this day because of you. Thank you. I will tell others with payroll tax issues to call you. - Kyle and Nicole, SP, Inc.

I am a realtor. I had a few really good years selling homes but did not withhold sufficient in taxes. Then the recession hit, and I was in trouble. You and Drew put together a settlement offer to the IRS. Even when the IRS made a stink about the business expenses being counted to reduce the settlement offer, you guys kept at it until we got a good settlement. I owed almost 100,000, and you settled my case for $6,400. What a load off my shoulders, thank you. I would recommend you to everyone who comes in the door. - Rusty, Salt Lake City, Utah

We were probably the worst case of unpaid state sales tax and withholding tax you have ever seen. We also had a big IRS problem, too. The state of Utah was attempting to revoke our sales tax and withholding tax licenses, which would have immediately shut down our business. You persuaded the State Tax Commission to let us pay the amount over several years. This kept us open. Thank you, Mike. -DDD, Inc.

I had not filed my taxes for several years. When my sweetheart insisted that we do something, we met with J.K. Harris. They promised the sun, moon and stars in solving my back taxes. Well, $8,000 in fees later, I had nothing more than my tax returns filed. That was definitely not a good experience! After a couple more years of my tax problem festering, I decided to come see whether you could help me. You gave me straightforward answers and right there in our first meeting outlined a specific plan to settle my taxes for less. But you went further than that. You subsequently met both with my sweetheart and I, and went over the plan again, satisfying our questions and concerns. A few weeks later our Offer in Compromise was ready to go, and we started the process. Almost eight months later, the IRS accepted our offer to settle! Almost $125,000 settled for $46,000. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have that finally resolved, after a decade of stress and worrying about the dragon in the room. I would recommend you without hesitation. - L., Utah.

I had no one to blame but myself for my tax problem. I had to resolve it because there was a threat of garnishment by the IRS, and the state had already started a garnishment. I came to talk to you, and you immediately put me at ease. It felt like you were really concerned and wanted to help. That is not always the case with attorneys. You submitted an Offer in Compromise on my behalf. The IRS offer unit said "No," and so you prepared an appeal of the rejection. Six months after that, the IRS appeals person agreed to settle our $36,000 in back taxes for $3,800. You were a God-send to me and my wife, and we thank you. I hope all continues to be well with you. - Merlin E.

Brother, you are the man! Thank you for saving my company from a license revocation with the Tax Commission. We have a good business; we just made some bad business decisions. No more not paying the taxes! Brian, JitM, LLC

You have been my attorney for years now, and will always be my attorney! Back in 2007, I had a bad partner in my construction business who was supposed to take care of things like paying the company taxes while I hustled up the work. He didn't, and the IRS wanted to pin me with $220,000 for unpaid company taxes. You met with me with the IRS and kept me from getting pegged with those taxes. You also helped me get out of that company, so I could start a new one without that bad partner. Years later, in the middle of the recession, we had to shut down our company. We again had almost $300,000 in personal taxes due to the unpaid company taxes. I know I am an idiot but you helped me again. You settled with the IRS for only $250 total. Just freaking amazing. You are the big dog, and will always be my attorney. -Steve P.

Boy, I didn't think I would ever get out of the mess my partners left me with. You got it all sorted out. Now I can see the end of the tunnel, tax-wise. Thanks, guys. -Chad S.

Near the end, before we shut down our company, I found out from our accounting person who was supposed to be withholding and paying the payroll taxes and did not that the company owed almost $600,000. That was the final straw, and we closed down the business. When you met with the IRS officer with me, she was trying to decide whether to recommend coming after our homes, and making sure we never went into business again. You kept your cool when I wanted to reach across the table and choke the lady. You helped me get through the shutdown, and then helped me settle all those taxes with only $1,600 in settlement. I am still amazed at that. I know it was my fault as one of the owners, but I am glad to have made it through. Thanks, Michael. -Josh T., Utah

I drive long-haul truck for a living, so I don't make much I can pay the IRS. You proposed a settlement with the IRS for me. After almost a year and half, they accepted your offer of $4,000 to settle almost $140,000. You are a lifesaver. I mean, that is an entire house! How could I ever afford that? Thanks, man. I will tell everyone I know who has a tax problem to come see you. - Jeff R.

My business had been wrestling with the IRS for years. You helped us to finally get back on the compliance wagon, and you kept the IRS away while we did so. Now, you have set us up with a payment plan that we can afford. I know it could have been so much worse. Thank you for keeping at the task until it was met. -Chris, LPL, Inc.

We hadn't filed tax returns for almost 15 years. I bet that is a record, right? Both the IRS and the state were preparing to come get our assets and our business. You assured us that would not happen with you in the way, and you were right. You contacted the IRS, and the state, and kept them from taking stuff until the returns were all filed. You took our boxes of chaos and turned them into numbers they would accept. To our surprise, we ended up with refunds! Thank you for your help. - Gary and Kathy

You fixed my dilemma with the IRS, thank you. The IRS was chasing me for an old business, and finally found me at my new job. You kept them from taking my wages, and set a reasonable repayment plan up, based only on what I truly owed the IRS. Thanks, guys. -Niklaus

I was in a nasty picke with a number of businesses with the State Tax Commission, and had to wrestle with the State trying to pin the company taxes on my wife. You argued really forcefully on our behalf, and won our case. Thank you! I will recommend you to others for tax problems. -Boyd N.

You are one of the good guys. Thank you for helping me to get all of the skeletons out of the closet of this business. I think you are a great attorney, and that you care about your clients. Rene B., R***, LLC

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